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Explore yoga in a private yoga lesson or in group yoga classes. We practice yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques, and profoundly deep relaxation. Levels vary from from Gentle to more experienced Level II/III. I also train those who with to become Registered Yoga Teachers with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 Hour Certification Level.

Massage Therapy

While several modalities are available to you, many sessions become blends of firm Swedish and Thai technique with varying degrees of pressure and specificity depending on your goals. Receiving on a regular basis produces longer lasting results, so ask about pre-booking your appointments, to save your favorite appointment time slot. I usually book out about 5-6 weeks in advance.


Experience an extraordinary difference in the way you feel by slipping deep into a relaxation state. Reflexology is the use of alternating pressure to specific reflex areas on the hands or feet to facilitate balance to the body by way of the nervous system. It feels like a full body massage and lasts longer. Try Thai Foot Reflexology for a uniquely energizing session.